Don’t Walk Your Dog?

Walking your dog can feel like a necessary chore, a part of being a responsible dog owner. But there are lots of reasons this task can become stressful, frustrating, or not possible. Good news! You don’t have to take your dog for that neighborhood walk, as long as you can meet their needs in other … Read moreDon’t Walk Your Dog?

Lessons From Aspen: New Dog Tips

Any new dog will present challenges to your household and routine. Often these disruptions and frustrations can be eased by taking small proactive steps. During their transition into your home, your new dog is learning what is expected, what gets rewarded, and what doesn’t work. Setting them, and yourself, up for success means preventing bad … Read moreLessons From Aspen: New Dog Tips

Living with Teenagers: The Joys and Challenges of Adolescent Dogs

They won’t be breaking curfew or begging to borrow the car, but if you have a canine teenager, they may be terrorizing your household. Dogs have a much longer adolescent (or teenage) phase than most people realize and it can affect them, and those around them, in many ways. If you find yourself using words … Read moreLiving with Teenagers: The Joys and Challenges of Adolescent Dogs