The “F’s” of Stress in Dogs

We throw around the word “stress” a lot – stressed at work, stressed by money, stressed because my favorite show ended on a cliffhanger.  What is stress really? And what does it mean for our dogs? Would you recognize signs of stress in your dog? The answers may surprise you and will definitely help you … Read moreThe “F’s” of Stress in Dogs

Not Food Motivated?

Food rewards are a very powerful tool for changing behavior. They are generally very easy to use, as well. Pairing something a dog doesn’t like with a tasty treat can change their feelings. Rewarding a behavior with a bit of food will encourage them to repeat that behavior. Food is easy to use for training … Read moreNot Food Motivated?

Helping Your Fearful Dog: The Trick to Treats

Do you have a shy, anxious, or fearful dog? You’ve probably heard the advice to give them treats to help them overcome their fear. It’s great advice (unlike some of what’s out there…) but there are a few important tricks to using those treats safely and effectively! A Note on Safety If your dog’s behavior … Read moreHelping Your Fearful Dog: The Trick to Treats