“Random” Behavior – Understanding Trigger Stacking

Random. Out of the blue. Unpredictable. Inconsistent. It is stressful enough when your dog is behaving in a way you’d rather they didn’t. When you can’t predict if or when the behavior will happen, it can range from embarrassing to terrifying.  There can be many reasons why a dog’s behavior may be difficult to predict. … Read more“Random” Behavior – Understanding Trigger Stacking

Helping Your Fearful Dog: The Trick to Treats

Do you have a shy, anxious, or fearful dog? You’ve probably heard the advice to give them treats to help them overcome their fear. It’s great advice (unlike some of what’s out there…) but there are a few important tricks to using those treats safely and effectively! A Note on Safety If your dog’s behavior … Read moreHelping Your Fearful Dog: The Trick to Treats

The Case AGAINST Ignoring Bad Behavior

Whether it’s advice about cats, dogs, or kids, one suggestion is common: ignore bad behavior. That can seem like a good plan and sometimes it works, but sometimes it backfires. Is “ignore bad behavior” good advice, bad advice, or just one piece of the puzzle? Why Ignore Bad Behavior? Many behaviors are motivated by consequences, … Read moreThe Case AGAINST Ignoring Bad Behavior