Dog Training and Behavior Modification

Spend more time loving your dog and less time worrying about them or struggling with them.

With Canine Engineering you will get:

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Service Area

Boulder and Louisville, CO

Other locations may be available with an additional travel fee. Outside the area? Online training is available across the US.

Online Goal Setting Session
(Required for New Clients)

Our first session together will be focused on understanding your goals and translating those into a training plan. During the 90-minutes, I’ll take a detailed history of your dog’s behavior and needs and then translate that into an achievable plan. From there, we’ll discuss whether Supercharged Training or DIY Training is the best fit for you. Finally, I’ll leave you with some recommendations to begin decreasing problem behavior immediately. 

All Goal Setting Sessions are done online at this time. 


Supercharged Training

Picture spending more time enjoying your dog, rather than training them.

Supercharged Training is designed for people who want to take advantage of the skills of a professional and busy families who don’t have time for homework. I do the initial training with your dog, in your home or other real-world locations, while you are at work, with the kids, or doing whatever you want. Once a week we meet and you learn how to use and maintain your dog’s new skills. Your dog learns faster with fewer mistakes and you get the benefits without the work. Win-win!

Supercharged Training is ideal for obedience, barking/lunging of leash, handling issues, and more. 

Each week of Supercharged Training includes 3 dog-trainer sessions and 1 session to transfer the skills to you.

Packages are available for 2, 3, or 4 weeks of training: $460 a week

Supercharged Packages

Custom packages are designed for your goals and your dog’s needs but here are a few options to get you started.

  • Need help with basic manners?
  • Wish your dog would actually do those things they supposedly learned in obedience class?
  • Want a dog that listens in the real world, not just the classroom?

Now imagine a dog that not only does what you ask but is happy to do it. I’ll work with you to choose a few skills that will make the most difference in your daily life and give your dog a jumpstart on their manners. 

Package starts with a Goal Setting Session, 2 weeks of Supercharged Training, and 2 follow-up sessions.


**This package is designed for dogs over 6 months without fear or aggression issues. Custom packages are available for those concerns. 

  • Are you living with a dog-shaped tornado?
  • Embarrassed to have guests over because of your “crazy” dog?
  • Tired of struggling to go on a simple walk?

Instead imagine your dog laying calmly at your feet. Or walking down the street without a battle. This package is for those barking, bouncing, spinning, pulling, food-stealing, driving-you-crazy dogs out there. It’s bootcamp time! I’ll build some manners, create calm, and bring some peace to your home.

Package starts with a Goal Setting Session, 3 weeks of Supercharged Training, and 2 follow-up sessions.


**This package is designed for dogs over 6 months without fear or aggression issues. Custom packages are available for those concerns. 

  • Has your vet asked you to give your dog ear drops, eye drops, or other care but your dog won’t let you do it?
  • Wish you could trim your dog’s nails or groom them without a fight?
  • Does your dog play keep away from their collar, harness, or leash?

Picture your dog not just allowing important care and handling but being a willing participant. I’ll teach your dog to stay relaxed and make sure you can give them best care possible. 

Package starts with a Goal Setting Session, 2 weeks of Supercharged Training, and 1 follow-up session.


**This package is designed to work on one handling issue, though you will learn how to work on future issues. Depending on your dog’s history and needs, the package may need to be extended.

DIY Training

Dog Obedience, Barking, Separation Anxiety, Leash Pulling, Chewing, Aggression

DIY Training is for owners who want to learn all the nuts-and-bolts of the training process. I’ll teach you to train your dog yourself and give you the skills to get results. There will be more homework but you will develop an amazing bond with your dog.

DIY Training is ideal for house training, chewing, destruction, and some fear or aggression issues. Separation anxiety can be addressed through my specific training protocol found here

One hour-long session: $135

Package of 4 sessions: $125 per session

Contact Me to Get Started

Whether you’re ready to get started or you have more questions, the form below is your first step. Once submitted, you’ll receive a link in your email to set up a free phone call. We’ll discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them, as well as answer any questions you have before setting up your Goal Setting Session. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Current Availability (Summer 2024): Weekdays only, limited evenings. Very limited availability outside of Boulder/Louisville.