How To…

Dog Giving Paw with Treat Lure

Get Your Dog to Start Doing Something

Come when called? Sit for their dinner? Walk politely next to you? Teach your dog how you want them to behave.

Dog Pulling on Leash

Get Your Dog to Stop Doing Something

Don’t jump on people! Don’t bark! Don’t steal my food! You don't have to live with problem behaviors.

Small dog displays fearful body language including tucked tail, raised paw, and whites of eyes.

Deal with Your Dog's Fear and Discomfort

Dogs can experience many of the same bad feelings as humans. You can help them feel safe.

Brown Dog in Crate with Kong Toy

Avoid Problem Behavior

Do you always have to train your dog to deal with problem behavior? What if you could just avoid the problem!

Small tan and black dog, facing the camera, taking a treat from a person's hand.

Use Food to Train Your Dog

Modern dog training uses food to reward behavior. Learn why treats are awesome and debunk a few myths.