Live Online Dog Training

Life is wild. Your dog doesn’t have to be.

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How Live Online Training Works

Imagine a better-behaved dog – without having to drive anywhere, clean up the house, or even change out of your pajamas!

Online training is just as effective as in-person training. You get the same real-time feedback and customized plans but with easier scheduling and lower prices. This isn’t a self-paced online course where you just watch some videos; it’s live, one-on-one training.

For some behavior challenges, including separation anxiety, online training is actually a better choice than having a trainer come to your house. (If you need help with separation anxiety, please visit the page dedicated to this issue: Separation Anxiety Training.)

All online training is done using an easy-to-use video conferencing platform. All you need is a device with a camera and microphone (most laptops, tablets, and smart phones have both). Not sure about using this technology? Don’t worry; I’ll walk you through it!

Live Online Training is available anywhere in the U.S.

“We had been working with Jessica in-person for several months before sheltering in place, and her training has become an essential part of life as first-time dog owners with our rescue pup Jiffy. After sheltering in place, we found ourselves needing Jessica’s guidance again ... The online sessions were surprisingly not too different from her in-person sessions! ... I am so glad that Jessica is so flexible and offers effective virtual training now. Thanks to her, the adjustment to the new normal is less stressful and we know that we can reach out to her for help and training whenever and wherever."
Sophie and Sean
Jiffy’s parents

New Clients

Our first Goal Setting Session together will be focused on understanding your goals and translating those into a training plan.

During this 90 minute session, I’ll take a detailed history of your dog’s behavior and needs and your goals. I’ll create an achievable plan and discuss whether a training package is right for you. Finally, I’ll leave you with recommendations to begin decreasing problem behavior immediately. 


Continuing Training

Depending on your training needs, I may recommend a package of multiple sessions to meet your goals.

Packages can address obedience, barking or reactivity on leash, issues with people inside or outside your home, separation anxiety (please see this page), and many types of aggression. 

Single sessions: $120 per hour

Package of 4 sessions: $110 per hour

Contact Me to Get Started

Whether you’re ready to get started or you have more questions, the form below is your first step. Once submitted, you’ll receive a link in your email to set up a free phone call. We’ll discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them, as well as answer any questions you have before setting up your Goal Setting Session. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Current Availability (Summer 2024): Weekdays only