Separation Anxiety Training

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • The neighbors are running out of patience with your dog's barking and howling.
  • You've come home to chewed doors, damaged furniture, or ruined carpets.
  • You're still searching for that "indestructible crate".
  • Special food-stuffed toys are ignored if you're not there. 
  • Magic treats, sprays, drops, diffusers, and special collars haven't helped. 
  • Your dog has hurt themself with their behavior when alone.
Separation anxiety causes problems for the whole family. Your dog is suffering and so are your belongings and relationships with neighbors. By some estimates, 50% of dogs will have issues being alone at some point during their life (Bradshaw 2002). Common advice often fails dogs and their people, leaving some to feel there is no solution.

There is Hope

Imagine walking out of your house, leaving your dog behind, without feeling guilty or worried. It can be done! 

As a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, I can give you the tools and support to overcome separation anxiety.

A Better Kind of Training

Working with Canine Engineering means:

  • Custom Training: A plan that fits your dog and situation. 
  • Step-by-Step Instruction: Weekly live sessions and daily real-time plan updates create the most effective plan possible.
  • Long Term Solution: Your goal is for your dog to feel calm when left alone. There are no band-aid solutions here.
  • Real-Life Practice from the Start: Training immediately starts teaching your dog about real-life situations. This leads to faster and more sustainable success.

To accomplish this in the most realistic and effective way, training is done using Zoom video conferencing. That means you can take advantage from anywhere in the U.S. 

Sad Dog Looking Out Window, Separation Anxiety
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Getting Started

Getting started is easy!

  • Fill out the contact form below.
  • Check your email and schedule a free 30-minute phone call to learn more. 
  • Set up a live assessment of your dog's alone-time behavior.
  • Training can start the next day.

Training is done in 4-week packages to lay the foundation for long-term success.