Using Zoom Video Conferencing

To take part in online training you will need a device with a camera and a microphone.

  • Most laptops, smart phones, and tablets have both.
  • Desktop computers may not have these built in; they can be purchased separately.


Using Zoom requires a simple download on a laptop or an app on a mobile device. Both are free and you do not need to make an account.

To confirm that you are ready for the consultation, please test your system ahead of your appointment. Go to:

If you have questions about your specific system, visit this site for help:

** If you strongly prefer using FaceTime or Google Hangouts, I can accommodate that, just let me know. A recording of your session may not be available if you request a different platform. 


Set up an area where you can work with your dog and still be seen on camera. You may want to lay down a mat or blanket in the middle of the space to remind yourself where to stand and position your dog. Try not to work in front of a window as that can back it difficult to see you on camera.

Have a leash and small treats ready nearby. If you think your dog might distract you while we are talking (before we begin training), consider having them in a different room, in their crate, or giving them a long-lasting treat, such as a stuffed Kong. 

Before joining the meeting, please turn off the TV, close other windows on your computer, and put your phone in “do not disturb” mode. 

Click the link in your email at your training time to join the meeting. Please turn on both audio and video. Your Meeting ID is the number at the end of the link, if you need it.